My Review of Keith Preston’s Book, “A New Anarchist Perspective”

C31F66EE-6332-4385-B60A-2EECBE55FB56In a “just sue” culture of in-group loyalties and grossly exaggerated damages, where brain-dead Americans don’t get the concept of HOT COFFEE, and chocolate eggs with toys inside are “racist” and “dangerous,” and feminists are literally beating up trannies while heteros are beating up homos followed by homos and trannies teaming up to beat up heteros politically, and somebody just got offended because I used the word “trannie;” the obvious reality of hatred and division is so deeply sown into the American soil that “we” will never “all just get along.”

Meanwhile, the big bankers, corporate managers, politicians, and lawyers are getting along just fine, making off with our bread and butter.

One of the things Keith Preston looks at in A New Anarchist Perspective is how even the anarchists continue to avoid so many touchy issues. Left anarchists, for instance, aren’t bad when it comes to criticizing plutocrats, anti-gun lunatics, and the public school system, but left anarchists just won’t go all the way when it comes to the question of Race and Culture.

“Race” for instance is arguably the most controversial issue in American society, yet anarchists continue to shy away from Political Correctness. How can anyone seriously oppose the multicultural state without opposing the dominant form of PC ideology used by American elites to run a PC Security State where race jokes are treated like bomb jokes?

The USSR had the fear of returning robber barons; Nazi Germany had the fear of Jews; and current-day USA has the fear of anti-humanists including “racists,” “sexists,” and “terrorists.” The race thing is no different from the state’s terror war business with the green light for secret police, metadata collection, cameras everywhere, phone tapping, massive storage centers, and so on. But to keep the dollars flowing and the Security State running they’ve got to come up with a bad guy every now and then. Most people seem to understand this when it comes to wrongfully accused Muslims with big beards looking at their watches in airports, but when it comes to the question of white people anarchists just don’t get it. In order to maintain and advance the global corporate state which is packaged and sold as some kind of progressive one world therapeutic tribe — they’ve got to come up with a “racist” every day.

Of course evil racist sexist mass murderers are about as commonplace as terrorists; 10,000 to 1. But still the accidental “racist” or teenage Twitter “terrorist” who hurts too many feelings on the internet is whisked away by SWAT teams because some bitchy gay guy or sassy black princess or white liberal prig got offended. These are the type of anti-free speech operations carried out by the American State, using heavy handed, militarized police squads to apprehend nonviolent suspects with ridiculous force, followed by job termination, media vilification, and angry emotional mobs making hundreds of threats per minute, and in some instances, child confiscation, resulting from a classified “mental illness”, which is perhaps the most disturbing overreach by the state.

Keith calls bullshit on anarchists who continue to stay quiet on these things, and argues that Political Correctness will continue to expand into a far more developed “Totalitarian Humanist” Public Safety State which includes a growing therapeutic and psychiatric state, hard persecution of cultural outgroups, harsh limits on legal protests via “free speech zones,” restrictions on psychologically “damaging” words, plea bargains to persuade guilty pleas of federal “hate crimes,” and all sorts of soccer mom regulations including food bans, glass bottle bans, porn bans, violent video game restrictions, smoking bans, and so on. Any reasonable examination of the rising Progressive Police State in the wealthier English speaking countries supports Keith’s conclusions beyond dispute.

In his essay Should Libertarianism Be Cultural Leftism Minus the State? Keith posits a “hierarchy of priorities” which does not include overthrowing the feds over homosexuality or cross dressing or whatever you’re into. This is yet another reason why left anarchists and left libertarians are going to hate Keith’s approach. Keith focuses more on what needs to be done and just sees those things as individual-lifestyle issues that no one else needs to care about. It’s not that Keith is a right wing white guy from Virginia who supports secession and hates gays and trannies, but rather a genuine anarchist who is working to popularize the anti-state cause by promoting a non-denominational “Anarcho-Pluralism” that completely opposes the American State. But by supporting secession and criticizing Political Correctness and also Israel’s influence over US foreign policy, Keith is going to piss off a lot of anarchists and libertarians with leftist leanings while attracting the attention of right wingers who are not anarchists. But had Keith been a good little left anarchist and promoted contemporary left anarchism only, he’d have to remain completely silent to the creeping totalitarianism of left wing authoritarian humanism. And had he promoted a completely all-pervading universal anarchism without personal favor, he would have had to avoid expressing an opinion at all.

Keith provides the framework necessary for anarchists to link up with parallel organizations to work out a “Pan-Secessionist” breakaway strategy for decentralization and self-determination in which the anarchists or libertarians would be leaders and organizers in a way that allows them to pursue the general goal of smashing the state while connecting with people from different movements or populations that reject the anarchist label. For example, there might be a National Arm of the movement (i.e. Ryan Faulk’s All Nations Party) which would have the same connection to the anarchists that the CNT had to the FAI as well as an International Arm of the movement (i.e. Craig and Jamie FitzGerald’s ideas of a “Free Nations Coalition”) with sections in different countries and regions around the world which would have the same connection the Spanish anarchists had in relation to the Basque and Catalan regionalists.

If you haven’t read A New Anarchist Perspective for the 21st Century, you should. Keith is an incredibly big picture oriented individual and he knows that you can’t just argue with idiots and insane leaders all day and expect power to be given to you. You have to fight them and you have to win. But since Americans don’t want to lose their government benefits and big huge cars right now nobody is looking for a real fight. Only when things get bad, like really bad, will Americans be forced by circumstances to pay attention to more serious matters.

That in mind, Keith’s long term strategic and geopolitical approach is one that can actually bring political and philosophical anarchism to new demographics, correct the various problems in the contemporary American anarchist movement, offer honest and doable strategies for anarchists to achieve actual goals, and upgrade and expand anarchist theory to make it more suitable to the world as it was in the early 20th century.