The 203 to Chinatown

photo from 69is

Forgive me for being quick and dirty but here’s the deal, O’Neil. I have to attend 7 NA meetings a week and provide proof of the attendance of the meetings. So I have to get a meeting verification sheet signed and then turn it into the Office on Fridays. I have to do this for the next 18 months (and not look suicidal). Luckily, Serenity Club in Chinatown is open 24 hrs a day and hosts hundreds of meetings a week. I can hit a meeting at the last minute or double up on days when I miss one. From my neighborhood, the 203 to CT is only 1 bus on 1 road going west until Twain turns into Spring Mountain. I get off on Valley View and boom: I’m in Chinatown.

A couple quick points,

1) I find that people from the west coast, esp. LA and LV who use public transit are mostly deranged. There are no good-looking people on the buses and most of the passengers are drunks, tourists, invasive extroverts, or mean people on scooters taking up all the space. Either that or it’s some black guy playing loud music without headphones or old white people wearing too much cologne to cover up how much their skin stinks. My very blunt take and very bigoted take on PT in Vegas is that everyone is kind of grotesque like in that movie The Hills Have Eyes.

2). The 203 crossing LV Blvd at 5PM summer rush is so hot and crowded you can smell the bacteria on people. Myself included. We all start to melt a little while waiting for the bus and if you’re not careful you could be half melted by the time you get to where you’re going. Also, there’s always some kind of hold up on the 203 or any other bus that crosses over the Las Vegas Strip. I have the option of either getting to the meeting 40 minutes early or getting there 20 minutes late. And since I can’t be late, I have to get there 40 minutes early.

And then there’s Chinatown.

Don’t get me started on Chinatown.