I’d Rather Be Out Riding

tony skeor_mountain
artwork by Tony Skeor

I’ve always held to the view that devoted Democrats and Republicans in general live sheltered lives and worry about things like lunch and dinner, driving a nice car, parking in the city, and upgrading to a 9.7 inch iPad screen because there’s no way to work on a mini 7.9 4:3 without hurting your back. Yuppie culture surrounds political culture as it does anything else in this country, including the more radical elements of the Left and Right. Think back to the ideal of the rebel a la Jamestown and Plymouth Rock: the adventurer, fortune seeker, pioneer American colonist; the original gangster seeking freedom from religious persecution who walked around with an axe and slept on the cold hard floor.

Fast forward to present day “politics,” the rebel has become the opposite of the old prospector rebels who pushed westward in their wagon trains and whose frontier towns created the legendary anarchic culture of the Old West. The new “rebels” fight for Instagram Hearts and Tumblr Reblogs out of their downtown condos in Banana Republic dress shirts posting their cultural manifestos in modish online magazines with flash-based ads and a fancy feature section. This includes anarchists who make a comfortable living testing unimportant web apps for Global Corporation and who love to “talk politics” with their stratosphere social circle of SJWs who own Schwinn bicycles, go to tech conventions in San Francisco, live in eco-friendly areas, and play Ultimate Frisbee on weekends with pics posted on Facebook of course.

It’s just the same as the Alt-Right/intellectual types with relatively high spending power blowing their money on UTS München luxury dive watches and double-breasted Burberry peacoats while most of their over-educated friends try to “cultivate” the new white elite and travel to European countries to see what other whiter people are like and maybe attend book clubs and art gallery openings which are just as pompous and empty as the art house film festivals at Bourgeois Sq. Cinema where yuppie square leftists drink certified beer from California and discuss Who Killed the Electric Car documentary and attempt to think deeply about the bonobo masturbation society.

And come work on Monday, it’s back to the system.

The “radical left” has the same yuppie ambitions and anti-genocide anxieties as the “radical right” – the aesthetics, isms, and hair are different, but characters all the same.

Honestly, I do the Kick the Puppy podcast with Keith Preston because I think it’s worth contributing to ATS as a way to promote Keith’s crash guide for anarchism but I’m less motivated in terms of political movementism and more interested in local connections and bettering my situation IRL for greater overall health and well being and maybe more money for a personal future with less work hours to enjoy my other hobbies outside of arguing with idiots on the internet.

I feel this is my real political stance rather than trying to position myself accordingly and conflating my views and interests and misleading my readers to believe otherwise. And yeah I can see how my lack of interest in BS politics may seem discouraging and even insulting to some of my people but I’d rather be out riding or even just trying to better my situation by trying to get a better hustle or a richer girlfriend or even just growing closer to the people in my more immediate social circle than trying to “change things” by organizing politically so that one day maybe I can live a better life.

That just seems like a huge waste of time to me.

I’d rather be out riding.