Kick the Puppy S2: E4

Keith, Emma & RJ

Game Stop vs Wall Street, Robinhood, micro-revolts in the United States, Dodger Stadium’s COVID-19 vaccination site temporarily shut down after protesters gather at entrance, Robinhood was supposed to be for the little guy, Citadel, aristocrats pretending to be friends with the peasants, rich people more likely to follow social distancing rules, delivery-people everywhere, poor people can’t self-quarantine, COVID-19 and the biosphere, nature loves COVID-19, humans recycling suffering, our history is a history of viruses, micro-biology, how long have humans been on earth? 2020 saw unprecedented murder spike in major U.S. cities, rich people establishing underground bunkers and dreaming about space colonization, remember Baltimore, 2020 was one big prison riot, social media damages teenagers’ mental health, the role of mirrors in history, Edmund Carpenter and the camera, Oh, what a Blow that Phantom Gave Me! strategic body manipulations, Hollywood culture infecting populations through social media, people are shinkeishitsu, staring at screens and depression, people treating humans more like machines, people treating machines more like humans, the television as the original baby sitter, plastic surgery is the next big addiction, Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, the more isolated the more deranged, psychopaths and self-mutilation, plastic surgery as creative expression, Psycho Cybernetics, self-image, transhumanism, limb transplantation, the rich live longer, ex-presidents with Secret Service for life, how fast Congress moved on Trump, even Alex Jones has had enough of Q-Anon, Emma and RJ got the Pfizer vaccination, COVID-19 vaccination demographics, mostly white people getting vaccinated, Wisconsin pharmacist to plead guilty to tampering with COVID-19 vaccine vials, Gary North’s capital punishment.

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