But who will I play slug bug with
now that you’re gone?
Who can I confide in
the way I could confide in you?
Ever since we were kids,
your little hand in mine.
You were right there with me
for every milestone in my life.
Remember when I wanted to be a DJ?
Because you had a thing for turn-tables?
And how you got me into hip hop?
and I got you into porn?
There is no one I can meet tomorrow
who I can share those milestones with.
There is no one I can meet tonight
who I can replace such history with.
But I’ve got however-many-years left
to make the best of my future
and I’m going to spend all those years
without the one who was always there
for my milestones.


Poem by Ryan Anarchy
Artwork: Page of Swords from the Slow Tarot by Lacey Bryant

I wrote this while listening to:
*  Sleep Token – Chokehold