Golden Teacher

for so long.
First coming to me
in the Spring of 2021
falling into my lap
during a dinner party at a Japanese Steakhouse in Las Vegas. 
I took It home with me,
stored It in a cool dark place
and marked It on my calendar… “to do.”

As the months passed by, 
I came to suspect that It had gone bad
and got rid of It.

In the months to come, 
during my studies in psychology
as a student at the Community College, 
It kept showing up.

During my spiritual practices 
as a student of the eastern traditions
It had been recommended to me. 

During the daily minutiae of every-day life, 
as a mechanical American
forced to embrace the absurdity of the capitalist service economy, 
it kept advertising itself to me
in some peculiar way.

It’s as if It were coming towards me
from some great distance,
as if It were Female.

Then, in January of 2022,
month of the god of doorways
It found its way back into my hands, 

I had been experiencing the beginning of what some might call
“a mystical experience”
long before the teaching
had actually begun.

So I took It home
up to the Eagle’s nest
above the water
and in the trees,
and when I did
The Golden Teacher appeared to me
and It took me home.


Music that influenced this post:

Om Namah Shivaaya by Shakti