We’re the Monsters

So many monsters
in the city of therapies
where millions are managing
to get out of the funk, tonight.
One guy just picked up his first self-help book at the age of forty,
while his daughter talks herself out of a panic attack at Costco.
The Spanish kid next door is learning to play the blues,
while his mentor sits and listens,
remembering a time when his own jams sent chills down his spine.
Young people everywhere are deleting their social media tonight,
while some are planning another healthy-looking hiking trip with healthy-looking friends,
with the pictures posted to Instagram, obviously.
Some are “talking it out.”
Some are “taking it in.”
Some are taking up karate or kickboxing to “take it out” on a bag or a mat.
One woman is checking off a to-do list,
another is creating lists that will never come to be,
but it works,
to let the mind build lists of things—just for today.
Some people are walkers.
Some have a need for speed.
Some just jump in the car and drive,
and then, without realizing,
they daydream while driving
until they’re pulling into the driveway at home.
Some people do the dishes and think deeply
others break the dishes and scream.
Some sit in Indian position and meditate
some hang upside down for reasons known only to them.
But every day, people do what they do
to keep the monsters at bay.
So, to those of you with under-explored powers of peace
may you find your serenity,
whether it be a song, the stars,
the shooting range, an angel card,
blueberry waffles,
a phone call from mom
or just me—
in the window of my 9th floor apartment—
writing up another piece of throwaway therapy—
for you.


Poem by Ryan Anarchy
Artwork by Justin Tedders at BrotherTedd.com

This poem was inspired by Insomnia by Ellen Bass