The Strangest Thing

After months of homelessness
it was not my face that I saw
but a reflection of my face
and it was shown to me by others.

In a world without mirrors,
and inventions by others
I would not know what I look like.
And neither would you.

I am privileged enough
to view my face through a medium
while others can see my face in the flesh
in a way that I can never see.

Homeless people in the streets
who haven’t seen their reflections for weeks
we don’t have our own faces;
we have each other’s faces.

I see that you have a part of me
that I don’t have for myself.
Even though my face is a part of me
my face is not for me.

My face is for you.


Poem by Ryan Anarchy

Artwork: Homeless Man & Dog by Shellie Lewis